Aromatherapy and Massage Center Cancellation Policy

We ask that you please let us know 12 hours in advance if you will have to cancel your appointment (this can be by means of email, voicemail, phone, in person, etc).  Keep in mind that most of our therapists travel a great distance to come in for your appointment, sometimes only for your appointment.  By letting us know of your cancellation in advance, your therapist can either save gas, or fill that spot with someone else.

But hey...we understand things happen. So 1 “no show” is a given.

***(Except for services over $100, please see last detail)

(“No show” — clients who do not call at least 12 hours before appointment start time)

 ~If you acquire 2 no shows, your next few appointments will have to be pre-paid until you reach a good standing with keeping your appointments.

~If you have credit on your account, your account will be deducted the price of the missed service upon your 2nd no show and any no shows thereafter for the next 6 months.

~If you are a member, and your 2nd no show is on a “free” monthly massage or roll-over, you will automatically lose that massage for the month. If your 2nd no show is on a “discounted” service, you will lose the following month’s “free” massage. (This will pertain to any no shows thereafter for the next 6 months)

~If you are using a Groupon voucher, you will lose your Groupon voucher upon your 2nd no show and will not be able to purchase another.

~If you have a $300 package of 5 massages, $60 will be deducted from your account upon your 2nd no show and any no shows thereafter for the next 6 months.

~***We ask that clients scheduling a package or any service equaling over $100, to pay 50% down when setting up an appointment.  If you do not cancel within 24hrs, you will not be refunded or credited the 50% down payment. If you are paying with a gift card, your gift card will be deducted the 50%. (Excludes electrolysis)

We thank you for your understanding and we appreciate each and everyone of you!

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