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1.Was the person scheduling your appt courteous and helpful?

2.Were you greeted when you walked in the door?

3.Did your therapist enter the massage/spa treatment in a timely matter?

4.Did your therapist take time to listen to your reasons for getting a massage/spa treatment?

5.Did your therapist take time to make you feel as comfortable as possible? Especially for those that have never had a massage/spa treatment before.

6.Was the massage/spa treatment everything you expected?

7.How would you rate our location on cleanliness?

8.Will you be visiting us again in the future, or recommend us to your friends and family?

8.Please leave us with your thoughts or comments on how you think we could do better, or if we're already there, then take this time to let us know how much you loved your service! :)

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Every day we strive to  make our place better for you. We take pride in our work and we try very hard to make you feel like you are at home with family/friends. Our #1 goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible and to help you with whatever stress or pain you might be feeling. Please help us in filling out this short survey. It will keep us on our toes so that we may serve you and others better. Thank you!

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